Our Team

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Academic Interventionist

Lorna is mother to Luca and wife to David. She lives in the heart of apple country where she and her family enjoy exploring orchards, forests, and taking their cat (Earl Grey) on walks.

In 2008, after earning her B.A. in experimental psychology from the University of South Carolina, she worked for a year as a scriptwriter for digital media before deciding to pursue her master’s in writing at Sheffield Hallam University in northern England. Lorna lived in Sheffield from 2009 - 2011, where she wrote a novel to earn her master’s, got a few short stories published, and did some traveling.
Lorna has worked as a proofreader for literary criticism, an art gallery manager, a marketing & communications specialist for many nonprofits, as an R.A. in a mental health facility, and in enrollment for NC Pre-K and Head Start. Her nurturing spirit and desire to make a difference in kids’ lives led her to discover a home at FernLeaf. She moonlights as a singer and is still chasing her dream of publishing novels.

Lorna remains curious about all the things she enjoyed exploring during her childhood, such as nature, books, mythology, animals, food, writing, different places/cultures, and the inner life of humans.