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Lena Robertson

5th & 6th Grade Math Teacher

Lena’s passion for teaching math can be traced back to geeking out over proofs as a young geometry student. She grew up in Fletcher, NC where she met lifelong friends, read every historical fiction book she could find, and created many imaginary classrooms in the woods.

Lena has taught for 11 years in both North and South Carolina. She has taught everything from Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade and has taught for two years as a literacy interventionist. Those experiences prepared Lena to meet every student where they are and help them grow into the amazing person they are meant to be!

Lena is a graduate of UNC Charlotte, where she majored in Elementary Education and a graduate of Western Carolina University where she earned her Masters of School Administration. When she is not busy in the classroom, she can be found deep in a new book.

Lena Robertson
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