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Jordan Carr

Intervention Assistant

Jordan is a graduate of Messiah University where she received both her Master’s in Higher Education as

well as her undergraduate degree in Adventure Education. Originally from central Pennsylvania,

Jordan developed a love for outdoor education when she joined the Outdoors Club leadership

team in her college years. She quickly found how powerfully transformative activities like

backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. can be in the development of someone’s

personal and interpersonal growth.

Over the years as an outdoor professional, Jordan has had incredible opportunities to build fun

and inclusive communities with her students as they ice climbed glaciers in Alaska, summited

Mount Shasta in California, and canoe camped as they paddled down the Rio Grande in Big

Bend National Park in Texas! These experiences have prepared her to jump into the role of

Intervention Assistant by providing her with the skills to make meaningful connections with

students and deliver educational content in thoughtful and engaging ways.

In her free time, Jordan enjoys outdoor pursuits, such as white water kayaking, running, and

cycling. However, when the temperatures drop, she much prefers to cozy up inside with a good

book and tea, tackle a new knitting project, or invite friends over to play her favorite board game

Wingspan! Fun facts: Jordan’s secret hidden talent is a very flexible nose. And she has two little

kittens named Fizzgig (aka Fizzlebop, aka Pee Paws Mcgee) and Theodosia (aka Theo, aka

Bean Sprout).

Jordan Carr
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