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Erica Duke

Extended Care Assistant

Erica's passion for working with children can be traced back to teaching primary school students during her time in Peace Corps Tanzania. She grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts and Jacksonville, Florida where she discovered her love of the outdoors and appreciation of such varying ecosystems. She is a graduate of Denison University, where she majored in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. 

During her time in Tanzania, she worked in the primary school system teaching students environmental education and english; with farmers out in the fields learning about agriculture, and organizing girls empowerment conferences to help prepare students for the challenges of moving on to secondary school. Those experiences sparked a love of culture, the environment, and the unlimited potential of our young people.


When she is not busy with extended care or taking care of her kiddos, she can be found getting her hands dirty in the garden, hunkered down in the wild with a really good plant ID book, making herbal concoctions in her kitchen, or on her yoga mat.  

Erica Duke
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