Our Team

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Teacher Assistant - Kinder

Amy grew up in Syracuse, NY, where her childhood spent outside fostered her love for the environment. She earned a bachelor’s degree in conservation biology at the State University of New York. During her college career, she spent her time gaining experience in the environmental field. She volunteered at a local wildlife rehabilitation center and worked as a hellbender salamander field research assistant. During her senior year, Amy fell in love with environmental education and decided to pursue that interest. She interned at a local nature center working with environmental educators teaching children in Syracuse city schools about the nature that surrounds them. Her love of all things nature led her to move to Western North Carolina. She served with AmeriCorps Project Conserve for two years in Tryon, North Carolina as the education assistant at the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center. She taught children in grades k—5 in schools, on field trips, and during summer camp.