No School - Solar Eclipse

Given the once in a lifetime opportunity that the Solar Eclipse presents along with safety concerns for your children, we have decided to modify the 2017-2018 school calendar to provide families the opportunity to take advantage of this incredibly unique event.  School will be closed on Monday August 21st and the day will be made up on January 2nd. Think of it as a really neat snow day that you can actually plan ahead for!

Some of our teachers attended a training on the Eclipse this summer and will be providing you all with information on ways to safely observe it with your children.  There are some very real issues to be aware of, from the viewing to being out in public when it occurs.  In the meantime, they are asking that you begin saving cereal boxes.  I hope that you will all take advantage of this opportunity with kids!

August 21, 2017 at 8am - 4pm