The 26 acre FernLeaf Campus is located across from Fletcher Park at 58 Howard Gap Road in Fletcher, NC.

The large size of our property, its proximity to Fletcher Park, and the fact that it is still "in town" represent an amazing opportunity for FernLeaf. It affords the natural elements that were being sought but is still close enough to town to engage with the community. It provides the space needed for our active learning environment and provides opportunities for outdoor education, gardens, outdoor classrooms, and community gathering spaces. With substantial frontage on Cane Creek, we envision an opportunity for a wetland restoration project that would involve all grade levels, numerous facets of the community, and a variety of organizations over a 5-10 year period. This type of school/community wide project would facilitate the teaching of numerous aspects of the curriculum, connect students with their community, and help everyone to understand the importance of protecting our waterways. Along with a potential restoration, we also envision numerous opportunities for the creation and study of various wildlife habitats. In the long term, we would like to see the development of the site as something of an environmental and conservation teaching campus to be utilized by other schools and the community as a whole.