After School Arts

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Classes Offered:

Strings classes are for students interested in learning the violin, viola, cello, or bass.  We’ll explore instrumental technique and notation and perform a wide variety of styles of music, from   classical to traditional fiddling to popular music.

Choir classes are for students interested in singing and moving with others.  We’ll explore vocal technique and notation and perform a wide variety of styles of music, from choral to a capella to show tunes to popular music.

Theater classes are for students interested in learning acting for the stage and screen.  We’ll explore acting techniques, narrative, staging, and directing.  We’ll perform staged productions and  create and edit dramatic short films.


Fall semester classes run from September 10 - January 17. 

Spring semester classes run from February 4 - May 23.

NOTE: As of 8/17, several class schedules have changed somewhat from previous flyers. The info below is the most current.  

Monday, 3:05-4:05, Strings Level 1.  Open to beginners K-1 in their first year of playing

Tuesday, 3:05-4:05, Choir All Grades

Wednesday, 3:05-4:05, Theater All Grades

Thursday, 3:05-4:05, Theater All Grades

Friday, 12:05 - 1:05 Strings Level 2 Open to beginners 2-5 in their first year of playing

Friday, 1:15 - 2:15 Strings Level 3

Friday strings is open to intermediate students based on ability.  Childcare between the end of school and string class on Fridays is offered at no additional charge.  String players with at least a year of prior experience should all register for Strings Level 2, and then the class will be split into Level 2 and 3 at the start of the semester based on ability levels as appropriate.


Eric Scheider has been leading musical and staged performances with children and adults in WNC since 2005. He has led the education programs of the Hendersonville Symphony and taught orchestra for the Henderson County Public Schools.  He has served as stage and/or music director for student musicals, operas, and films for the HSO, HCPS, and elsewhere.  Eric currently performs as a cellist and conductor around WNC, Upstate SC, and beyond and is also the daytime music and performing arts teacher at FernLeaf.  Please contact him with questions here.

Tuition and Registration:

Tuition for each 14 week semester is $140, payable to FernLeaf at the office by check or card, or online by clicking here

Parents must complete the Registration Form AND submit payment to enroll. 

Register for Fall 2018 classes here. 

A printable 18-19 PAAS info form is here.

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Please note:  Make-ups and performances may be scheduled 1/22-31 and 5/28—6/6.  If classes fill completely, enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis.